Wild for to hold, though I seem tame

Chelsea, 22, in love with a whole bunch of stuff. Cis, she/her. I have a BFA in Creative Writing and English; fiction and storytelling are my greatest passions. I can never remember my MBTI, but I'm a Ravenclaw always. I love language, history, books, Disney, my friends, my family, and (most days) my life. I have flight instincts and I want to travel everywhere, but for the most part I'm happy where I am and as who I am.


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They kept apart from each other, but it was as if a string attached their fingers, because they could feel each other’s hands even though they carefully kept their hands apart. I knew because I could almost see that invisible string, could practically swing from it. And the more Tiger Lily’s fingers tingled in his direction, the closer she kept them to her body, away from him.
Tiger Lily, Jodi Lynn Anderson

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