Wild for to hold, though I seem tame

Chelsea, 22, in love with a whole bunch of stuff. Cis, she/her. I have a BFA in Creative Writing and English; fiction and storytelling are my greatest passions. I can never remember my MBTI, but I'm a Ravenclaw always. I love language, history, books, Disney, my friends, my family, and (most days) my life. I have flight instincts and I want to travel everywhere, but for the most part I'm happy where I am and as who I am.


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serving some Dolores Umbridge aesthetic

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i’m gonna take over the world



That’s it. 

That’s what I’m gonna be when I ”grow up”.

'The world conquer'.

Bye, for now :)

Do it for the vine.

Oh my god???  Learning about this blog is the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me.

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You ever have those days when you have to constantly try to convince yourself that you’re not an utter failure at the only thing you actually care about being good at?

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you ain’t never had a friend like me!

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I still get really emotional about the fact that Richard III’s skeleton was found in a parking lot a couple years ago.  That is probably the coolest thing that’s happened in my lifetime so far.

Now if only they could find Alexander.  I would be the happiest person in the world.

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Let’s take back the kingdom.


Let’s take back the kingdom.

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Looking at tours of Versailles like I just want to do everything.  Is that so wrong?  I just want to go everywhere and do everything.  That’s all I want — the world.  Is that so much to ask???

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