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Chelsea, 21, in love with everything (when not too busy hating it).

I'm a senior creative writing major and I spent the Fall 2011 semester in Florida on the Disney College Program. I love language, history, books, Disney, television (a revolving door of shows, although my current love is Once Upon a Time, and Hannibal is an absolute masterpiece), my friends, my family, and (most days) my life. I have flight instincts and I want to travel everywhere, but for the most part I'm happy where I am and as who I am. Oh, and I'm a very proud Ravenclaw.


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I like that library books have secret lives. All those hands that have held them. All those eyes that have read them.
― Neela Vaswani, “Same Sun Here” (via leftinalibrarybook)

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I have been waiting so long for this gifset for so long you have no idea

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I’m home for the weekend and my mom and I are listening to Disney music and I’m going to try to work on my revisions for my portfolio and basically, I’m just trying really hard to focus on the positive sides of all of these crazy things that are happening in my life, instead of thinking about how sad they’re going to be in ways.  Because while it certainly will be sad, it’s also going to be incredible, and so much fun, and I just need to try to focus on that a little more.

15 Favorite Art in Animated Films
#15: Cinderella

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tomfleton askedi won’t say i’m in love or can you feel the love tonight

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You’re braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. But the most important thing is, even if we’re apart, I’ll always be with you.

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This mood just does not want to go away.  I really hope that going home helps.

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I need to tell myself that this tie is not an end to something.  I remind myself everyday that an obligation can be an opportunity, and that attaching myself to one four-month stint far from home is not the same as having my entire life planned out.  There are still blank spaces at the edges of my map.

Even when I want something and I know I want it, part of me picks up pace as though in preparation to run.  But toward what, I wonder?  I can’t live a life without wanting — wanting is what I have.  All I do is want.  Sometimes too much.

I just need to remind myself that it’s not a death sentence, that the world is full of doors and paths and currents and that I can take whichever of them speaks to me, whenever I feel the pull to do so.  I need to remind myself that nothing is inevitable, anything is possible, that I don’t necessarily have to be on my own forever, and that I can if I want to be.  I need to remind myself that I can do anything, that I only need to depend on myself, and that even when it’s hard to believe, it’s true.  And I will always, always, have writing as an escape hatch.

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